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Newsom Proposes Constitutional Amendment To Enshrine Gun Control

Holland McKinnie
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In a move that puts the freedoms of every law-abiding American at risk, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced on Thursday his audacious proposal for a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Under the pretense of “common sense gun safety,” this proposed amendment aspires to limit gun rights nationally – an ambition more akin to constitutional regression than progress.

Newsom’s 28th Amendment aims to raise the minimum firearm purchase age to 21, mandate universal background checks, establish a waiting period for all gun purchases, and ban civilian acquisition of so-called “assault weapons.” According to Newsom, these measures, many of which are already law in California, will “leave the 2nd Amendment unchanged and respect America’s gun-owning tradition.” However, the underlying nature of this proposal suggests otherwise.

The Constitution’s ability to “make a more perfect union,” as Newsom puts it, has been a cornerstone of our national ethos. It serves as a safeguard of our fundamental rights and liberties, and any amendments made should strive to enhance, not suppress these freedoms. It seems counterintuitive, then, that the governor proposes using this profound tool of liberty to limit the rights enshrined in the document.


Moreover, the practicality of this proposal raises concerns. Amending the U.S. Constitution is a tall order requiring approval by two-thirds of the U.S. House and Senate or two-thirds of state conventions. In either case, ratification by three-fourths of state legislatures is necessary. With the current political climate and power distribution in Congress, the likelihood of such a significant fundamental change passing appears vanishingly slim.

The reaction from gun rights groups has been swift and condemning. “Newsom’s latest publicly stunt once again shows that his unhinged contempt for the right to self-defense has no bounds,” said a statement from the National Rifle Association (NRA). Erich Pratt, senior vice president of Gun Owners of America (GOA), also expressed concern that this could be a prelude to abolishing the Second Amendment.

The discord in responses to Newsom’s proposal highlights a divide not only in the perception of gun rights but also in understanding the Constitution itself. Our nation’s founding document was crafted with balance and moderation, protecting individual rights while granting powers to the government. The Second Amendment is integral to this balance, protecting the citizen’s right to self-defense. Restricting this right under the guise of safety and common sense infringes on this equilibrium, potentially opening a Pandora’s box of curtailed freedoms.

As Americans, we must remain vigilant and critical of any proposals that could compromise our fundamental liberties. Proposing a 28th Amendment to limit the Second Amendment under the guise of “safety” is not progress. It’s anti-American and a clear indication that we must constantly reaffirm our commitment to the Constitution and the freedoms it protects. Newsom’s proposal is more than just an assault on the Second Amendment; it’s an assault on the very essence of our national identity.