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NYPD: Undocumented Migrants Targeted Women In Brazen Crime Spree

Chris Agee
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Even as Democratic New York Mayor Eric Adams advances a program to hand out $53 million in free money to the undocumented migrants who have flooded the city during a border crisis brought on by the Biden administration’s immigration policies, police say a group of migrants have stolen cell phones and wallets from dozens of women citywide in recent weeks.

Investigators say the culprits attempted to gain access to bank information and other sources of cash from the stolen phones and, when successful, made purchases through those accounts.

According to a New York Police Department source, three of the suspects were taken into custody following a search of what authorities believed was a “safe house” in an area near the Bronx. 


Police say the crime spree included at least 62 female victims in all and additional suspects were still at large as of the latest updates available. Those arrested are expected to face charges including robbery and grand larceny. 

Although details about the timing and method of their arrival to the city were not available, authorities have identified the suspects as natives of Venezuela.

Adams addressed the development, though he attempted to downplay the importance of the immigration angle.

“This isn’t about the migrants and asylum seekers; this is about those who break the law,” the mayor said. “It doesn’t matter where you’re from and where you came from.”

NYPD Assistant Commissioner Kaz Daughtry offered a similar assessment via social media.


Of course, the news surfaced on the heels of troubling reports about undocumented migrants staging violent attacks on NYPD officers.

Six individuals were initially charged, which authorities said was less than half of the total number of suspects involved.

Adams expressed his support of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s decision to release most of the individuals without bail. 

“I communicated with the DA over the weekend and he has been extremely thorough in this case,” the mayor said. “You can easily bring someone to justice, but you have to complete the task of making sure the evidence is right so they can be held accountable for their actions because you don’t want to make a mistake in this case.”