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O’Keefe Permanently Banned From Gym After Releasing Engoron Video

Chris Agee
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Judge Arthur Engoron has received widespread criticism for handing down a massive nine-figure penalty against former President Donald Trump and his company as part of a civil fraud case. In addition to ordering the GOP presidential primary front-runner to pay more than $354 million in damages, Engoron’s ruling also precludes Trump “from serving as an officer or director of any New York corporation or other legal entity in New York for a period of three years.”

Independent journalist James O’Keefe took a unique approach to the story, following the judge into a Long Island fitness club with a hidden camera and later releasing footage on social media. 

“Huge fan,” the undercover O’Keefe told Engoron. “Thank you for what you did. … Man, that must have felt good.”


The journalist then brought up the backlash that followed the recent decision against Trump, to which the judge acknowledged that he has received “lots of hate mail” but is “strong” and will withstand the criticism. 

O’Keefe’s report also included claims he had received about Engoron’s inappropriate behavior toward female members of the Equinox gym. 

Instead of investigating the judge’s alleged actions, however, the gym reportedly opted to ban O’Keefe from the premises for life.

He confirmed the news in a social media post that included audio of the phone call in which he was informed of the club’s decision. 


“This is Equinox at Great Neck calling,” the employee said. “I just want to let you know, going forward, you are officially house canceled from ever joining any Equinox going forward in the future, OK?”

When O’Keefe attempted to elicit a justification for the abrupt cancellation, the employee said: “Just because. You have been officially house canceled, so please do not enquire [at] any Equinox going forward. You will not be allowed to rejoin at any time.”

O’Keefe attempted once again to determine the cause, but the caller abruptly denied his request.

“There’s no reason to be given,” she said.

When O’Keefe brought up the allegations about Engoron’s behavior at the gym and asked whether he would also be “house canceled,” the employee similarly shut him down.

“That’s not up to your discretion to tell me what other people think,” she asserted.

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