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PBS Declares Beloved Monopoly Game To Be ‘Toxic Capitalism’

Graham Perdue
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The left once again demonstrated there are no lengths that woke warriors won’t attempt to tear down Western culture and replace it with a creation in their own image. This time their target is the much-beloved board game that has been played by American families for generations — Monopoly.

The PBS series “American Experience” recently featured an episode titled “Ruthless: Monopoly’s Secret History.” Not surprisingly from that title, the piece quickly devolved into criticism.

One commentator immediately rails against the “dark side” of the “cutthroat” board game. In a remarkably silly observation, “I only win when you lose.”

The PBS program brings on history professor Bryant Simon, who previously declared that Monopoly reflects the nation’s racism. Now he said that “In America, we’ve created a myth that capitalists like competition, but no capitalist wants competition.”

Instead, according to Simon, what companies want is monopoly.

From there it moved on to left-wing Oxford University economist Kate Raworth, who asserted the treasured game should come with a health warning.

Like a pack of cigarettes.


The University of Chicago’s Patrick Jagoda, who specializes in game studies, called the game ironic and gave that as a reason for its being so compelling. It is, as he said, a game about capitalism trying to teach people about “something completely different.”

Perhaps the most telling testimonial on the state of woke America came from game designer Ashlyn Sparrow. She bemoaned the fact that Monopoly gives players the impression that you may “accomplish your goals, accomplish your vision, start a business.” 

What a horrible lesson to be learned. She added that “you don’t have to think about what you look like, where you came from, that you’re from a different class, from a different race, have a different gender, have a different gender expression.”

Sparrow called that “the problem” and criticized the game for pushing that “myth.”

And journalist Mary Pilon told the PBS program that the “rigged” game “obscure(s) a lot of realities about this country.”

Even beloved board games are not above the left’s hysterical rush to rewrite everything concerning American traditions. All must be filtered through the outrage of woke politics, and simple enjoyment is no longer allowed.