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Pentagon’s Political Drill Targets Texas

Holland McKinnie
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In an unprecedented and controversial turn of events, a story first reported by The Gateway Pundit has unveiled a contentious political scenario forced upon U.S. Army Reserve legal offices in the Midwest. Members have been ordered to conduct a drill that sharply deviates from the non-partisan and apolitical nature mandated for military exercises. 

The drill in question, executed remotely via Microsoft Teams, presented legal officers with a scenario involving the nationalization of the Texas National Guard by the Biden Administration. The hypothetical situation painted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) in a negative light, creating a scenario where Abbott is responsible for migrants drowning in the Rio Grande and portraying a Texas National Guard member committing heinous acts of wanton violence while shouting “America First.”

This narrative breaks the tradition of using fictional countries and non-political contexts in military drills and blatantly violates the Hatch Act and Department of Defense directives. The Hatch Act covers federal employees, including military personnel, and restricts them from engaging in political activities that could influence or appear to influence elections or other political activities. 

As a result, incorporating politically charged material directly into a military exercise contradicts federal law. It would be difficult to imagine a more recognizable political statement in this election year than “America First,” especially when troops are directed to recognize it as an act of war against the current administration.

The exercise has caused internal conflict because of its obvious political bias and concerns about compliance with federal law. The decision by one Judge Advocate General’s office to withdraw from the exercise is a clear signal of the discomfort and disapproval of the illegal order among the ranks.

Meanwhile, Texas continues its efforts to secure its border amid the ongoing surge of illegal crossings. Governor Abbott’s announcement of a new military base in Eagle Pass is a testament to the state’s commitment to border security. The new construction is part of Texas’ Operation Lone Star, the state operation designed to address the fallout of the Biden administration’s ongoing open borders disaster. 

The juxtaposition of the Pentagon’s politically charged drill and Texas’ tangible actions to secure its border underscores a stark contrast in approaches to immigration and border security. In addition to violating the Hatch Act, the military exercise will only serve to divide troops who are being tasked with planning warfare against fellow American citizens.  


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