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Ray Epps Sues Fox News For Defamation

Graham Perdue
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The controversial subject of much speculation concerning the Jan. 6 Capitol incident has filed a defamation lawsuit against Fox News. Ray Epps became front and center for arguments that government agents instigated much of what transpired that day in Washington, D.C.

Epps claimed he was forced to abandon his home in Arizona over threats spawned by news coverage. He asked the court for a jury trial and unspecified damages.

Unsurprisingly, his suit was filed in Superior Court in Delaware. The president’s home state is also where Dominion Voting Systems sued Fox News for defamation. 

That case never went to trial as Fox settled for a staggering $787 million and almost immediately terminated popular host Tucker Carlson. The network denied there was a connection, though the timing was very suspicious.

According to his filing, Epps traveled to Washington to participate in the Jan. 6 demonstration. Then the situation got out of hand. 

Epps accused Fox of claiming he was a government agent who carried out his duty to stir the masses and thus blame the chaos on Trump supporters. 

The 61-year-old plaintiff said that he is the target of numerous conspiracy theories produced by the network. The suit asserted, “Just as Fox had focused on voting machine companies when falsely claiming a rigged election, Fox knew it needed a scapegoat for Jan. 6.”


On a segment of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that aired last July, the host issued a challenge for Epps.

Carlson said, “Now we’ve asked Ray Epps on this show repeatedly to explain why he thinks he’s escaped prosecution, and we’ll ask him once again tonight, and we’ll keep asking because we think it is a very obvious and important question.”

In a surprising twist, an attorney for Epps just announced that his client was told by federal authorities that he will be charged with events that occurred during the Jan. 6 incident.

Two and a half years later. And in the same week when he announced his filing against Fox News. The revelation came in the filing of the suit against the network, but could this be a coincidence?

It is asking a lot to believe that with all the minor infractions that were prosecuted to the full extent of the law that he was allowed to walk scot-free for so long. At this moment, there are many more questions than clear answers concerning Ray Epps.