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Real: Bolton To Write In Cheney For President

James King, MPA
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Conservative pariah and Former National Security Adviser John Bolton says he will write in a vote for former Vice President Dick Cheney in the upcoming presidential election instead of voting for former President Donald Trump or President Joe Biden.

According to Bolton, this will mark the second time he has written in Cheney’s name after doing so in 2020, which is unsurprising given the two’s shared affinity for blowing out budgets and blowing up cities.

In an interview with CNN, Bolton described Cheney as a “principled Reaganite conservative,” saying the former vice president’s advanced age is not a concern in today’s political climate.

Since Bolton was fired by then-President Donald Trump in 2019, he has bitterly criticized Trump’s handling of several national security issues.

Bolton’s choice to back Cheney — and potentially his equally disliked daughter Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) — shows just how far he’ll go to preserve the heresies of conservatism that turned the GOP into a losing party that ultimately blew out the U.S. budget with misguided foreign entanglements.

The statement is a perfect example of the division between those who prioritize interventionist foreign policy strategies and Americans who support Trump’s America First agenda. President Trump has expressed significant dissatisfaction with Bolton’s work and ideas, which often conflicted with his own strategies.


Bolton’s persistent criticism of Trump and general criticisms is one of many growing pains being experienced due to the broader ideological battle within the party. His alignment with Cheney represents a common conservative fallacy that equates to neoconservative revisionism of the Reagan era designed to justify foreign wars.

Bolton’s irrelevance will make his public statement alone a nonissue for the Trump campaign. But he joins a chorus of bad-faith actors in both conservative and liberal media seeking to chip away at Trump’s credibility and support as Democrats and Republicans apply multiple vectors of attack, including seemingly relentless lawfare and propping up challengers to the clear GOP favorite, to hurt his chances at running as the Republican nominee.

As Trump’s enemies continue to join forces, his support continues to surge among voters as poll after poll shows the once and future president in a strong position going into November.