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Report: Biden And Soros Funding Hungary’s Left-Wing Opposition Media

Graham Perdue
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The Biden White House and left-wing extremist billionaire George Soros are teaming up to topple the conservative administration of Hungarian Prime Minister VIktor Orban.

In an exclusive report from Newsbusters, the outlet exposed how Biden’s Department of State funneled more than $320,000 in taxpayer funding to Hungary’s opposition media. No less than 15 leftist propaganda sources were propped up by the American government.

The money was spread through the Soros-funded outfit Okotars Foundation and liberal media organization Mertek Media Monitor. The effort preceded June’s European Parliament elections and Hungary’s own local races.


Hungary regularly draws the ire of the left as it consistently stands for traditional Western values.

White House progressives cannot stomach the audacity to counter woke extremism as public policy. As the Heritage Foundation correctly noted, the administration is merely taking the culture wars and fighting them on the international stage.

Samantha Power is the head of the U.S. Agency for International Development. On a recent junket to Budapest, she tweeted that U.S. officials “just relaunched new, locally driven initiatives to help independent media thrive and reach new audiences.”

This begs the question of why Washington is funding internal opposition media and undermining a nation it should be supporting.


Hungarian political analyst Andras Laszlo publicized the U.S. expenditures to prop up left-wing media in the country. Cohort Rod Dreher noted that “U.S. taxpayers are funding anti-government media in Hungary, a NATO ally.”

A State Department document revealed Okotars and Mertek were contracted through Washington to disperse the financing. In other words, taxpayer dollars are being spent at the discretion of leftist government opponents in nations the U.S. should be aligned with.

To make matters worse, the initial funding dispersal is only the first round. By the end of February there will be another batch of applications received from left-wing mouthpieces in Hungary vying for American taxpayer dollars.

And it should be no surprise that both Okotars and Mertek are largely bankrolled by Soros. The Biden administration is in bed with the man who is leading the charge to dismantle Western society, and it’s not even hiding the fact.