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Rogan Blasts Censored Social Media As ‘Threat To Democracy’

Graham Perdue
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Highly influential podcaster Joe Rogan held an enlightening interview with independent journalist and Twitter Files reporter Matt Taibbi over billionaire Elon Musk’s activities that so enraged the liberal media.

The pair discussed Musk’s “eccentricities.” He spent $44 billion to acquire Twitter and immediately become its chief whistleblower. The courageous level of transparency Musk brought to the social media giant is virtually unheard of, and the left does not know how to deal with its revelations.

Since the Twitter purchase became final, the new CEO has peeled back the veil of secrecy surrounding the social media platform. What he exposed through the “Twitter Files” is a web of coordination with both government officials and leftist forces to suppress conservative voices.


Rogan observed that no one saw the day coming where the platform “would get sold to an eccentric billionaire who’s intent on letting all the information get released.” He further decried the obvious efforts by Musk’s opponents to defend censorship of social media platforms.

Taibbi, who coordinated most of the Twitter Files releases, said that Musk has a “pretty developed sense of humor though and that comes through.”

Specifically, he pointed towards the revelations that the company was once the “private stomping ground of all these whiny journalists.” Now, however, they are forced to come to terms with all this information being publicized.

Not to mention the fact that Twitter is much more the bastion of free speech that it should have been all along. 


Taibbi played a big role in exposing the content moderation decisions that led to, among other things, the deplatforming of former President Donald Trump and suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story. Internal messages revealed the lengths censors took to stifle information.

The former Rolling Stone journalist was allowed access to the inner workings of the social media giant even though he did not have an official company position. 

Taibbi and Rogan marveled at attempts by the left-wing media and the Democratic Party to smear Musk over his emphasis on free speech. Taibbi called it “amazing” that a man who did so much for the electric car industry is now seen as an alt-right provocateur by the liberal establishment.

That is the price to apparently be paid for being a champion of true free speech.

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