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Ronna McDaniel Joins NBC

Holland McKinnie
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Ronna McDaniel, the outgoing Chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), is set to join NBC News as an on-air contributor. McDaniel announced her resignation earlier this year, setting the stage for a new era for the GOP.

NBC News, a platform known for its corporate liberal perspective, is adding McDaniel to its lineup. She is expected to serve as a conservative counterweight to the network’s more liberal voices. McDaniel’s debut is eagerly awaited this Sunday on “Meet the Press,” signaling the start of her tenure as a political analyst. 

McDaniel is also expected to be a regular contributor to news commentary shows on NBC’s far-left cable news outlet, MSNBC. Many conservatives are interested to see what sort of reception he receives from leftist progressive hosts like Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid.


According to Carrie Budoff Brown, who oversees NBC’s political coverage, McDaniel’s role is anticipated to offer “an insider’s perspective on national politics and the future of the Republican Party.”

McDaniel, previously known for her staunch support of President Donald Trump, has at least the potential to bring a conservative voice to a platform that some conservatives have criticized as being too left-leaning.

During her tenure as RNC chair, McDaniel was a polarizing figure. Her leadership saw the GOP through multiple election cycles, with varying degrees of success and controversy. Meanwhile, establishment Republicans may see her new position with NBC as a possible way to establish contact with a broader base of voters. Others are highly skeptical that she will help the party bridge a perceived gap with independents or the essentially unreachable progressives.  

The transition away from McDaniel comes at a critical time for the Republican Party, which is reassessing its direction and leadership heading into this year’s election following recent disappointing performances. Meanwhile, it remains to be seen whether McDaniel’s voice will resonate with NBC and MSNBC’s liberal audience or will only lead her to be ridiculed by both ends of the political spectrum. The coming months will tell whether McDaniel can successfully navigate her new platform to promote true conservative values and discussion.