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Seattle Pays $10 Million To 2020 BLM Protesters

Graham Perdue
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Crime paid huge dividends in Seattle after the city this week agreed to fork over $10 million to over 50 Black Lives Matter protesters. They claimed they were harmed by police defending the good citizens from anarchy and violence.

The incidents in question occurred during the notoriously “peaceful” protests following the 2020 death of George Floyd.

Seattle leaders, according to city attorney Ann Davison, regarded the settlement as less expensive and more practical than continuing the fight against the 50+ plaintiffs. The Republican notoriously defeated a far-left radical after she switched her allegiance from the Democratic Party. 


The lawsuit wound its way through the courts for three years before this week’s settlement. The city admitted no wrongdoing against accusations of excessive force deployed against often violent protesters.

Davison said the litigation drained time and resources from the city. A three-month trial was expected to get underway in May, causing yet more spectacle and financial burden for taxpayers. 

Meanwhile, nearly all BLM and Antifa protesters escaped charges despite wanton destruction during their “mostly peaceful protests.”

Conservatives quickly juxtapose this leniency with the draconian sentences handed down to truly peaceful Jan. 6 protesters. It pays to be a leftist in many parts of the U.S. judicial system.


In Seattle, tens of thousands rallied downtown or in the Capitol Hill neighborhood for weeks after Floyd’s death. Much mayhem and destruction followed in their wake, and overwhelmed police forces were not able to contain the destruction.

Several police cars were burned in the city, and violent protesters attempted to torch the East Precinct.

Meanwhile, liberal city leaders did their best to tie the hands of responding officers. In the midst of the chaos, the City Council unanimously voted to prohibit the use of tear gas, pepper spray and other crowd control measures normally available to first responders.

Protesters claimed a wide variety of injuries as well as psychological damage from their self-initiated encounters with law enforcement. One of their attorneys gave a telling statement Wednesday after the settlement was reached.

Lawyer Karen Koehler said, “Historians should review what we collected and write the true story of the shameful behavior of our City against Peaceful Protesters.”

The shameful behavior, to the contrary, was carried out by those who sought to violently rip the city apart.