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Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff On Crusade Against ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Graham Perdue
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Second gentleman Douglas Emhoff wants you to know that so-called toxic masculinity is a serious issue, but do not worry because he has spent much time thinking about it.

Speaking last week on MSNBC, Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband proclaimed “there’s too much of toxicity, masculine toxicity out there, and we’ve kind of confused what it means to be a man, what it means to be masculine.”

He complained about the trope where a man must be “tough and angry, and lash out to be strong.”


Emhoff declared that whenever he can, he will speak out against this crisis. He said he will use his platform as Harris’ husband to draw attention to “this toxic masculinity that is out there.”

Needless to say, there were opposing points of view expressed after the MSNBC interview.

Talk show host and author Trish Regan railed against Emhoff and other leftists for attempts to redefine traditional masculinity in their own woke terms. She noted that the left wants to ensure kids don’t understand “the difference between a man and a woman.”

Regan referenced the Apple “pregnant man” emoji and the fact that suddenly a wide swath of the population wants to be called “they.”


She added that a masculine man “looks out for women and recognizes the vulnerability and the specialness, if you will, of women.”

Dana Perino of Fox News marveled that “of all the issues, in all the world, this is the issue he’s choosing.”

And as Meghan McCain wrote for the Daily Mail, Emhoff was a powerful attorney before settling into his role and first gentleman. He represented pharmaceutical giant Merck, corporations such as Walmart and Comcast, and an arms dealer who sold AK-47s globally.

McCain explained that those railing against “toxic masculinity” are targeting “the cowboy, the astronaut, the man in the area. It casts suspicion over alpha behavior and traditional gender roles.”

In other words, woke nonsense.

If Emhoff is happy in his position in life, more power to him. But the last thing the U.S. needs is for more men to shirk their traditional duties and simply fade into the background. White that may delight the left, it will only further the destruction of American society.

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