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Senate Tries To End Tuberville’s Courageous Anti-Abortion Protest

Graham Perdue
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The blowback from Democrats and even some Republicans against Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R-AL) protest against the woke Pentagon is heating up. 

The Senate Rules Committee this week is considering a resolution to allow the mass advancement of hundreds of nonpolitical military promotions. This would in effect bypass the Alabama Republican’s stand against forcing U.S. taxpayers to fund abortions. 

The panel will determine whether to enact a temporary change in procedure. Without altering Senate rules, this would allow the thwarted promotions to go through.


Certain high-profile promotions such as Joint Chiefs of Staff would continue to need individual votes to proceed. The effort is spearheaded by Armed Services Committee Chairman Jack Reed (D-RI) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ).

Unfortunately, it has some push from RINO Republicans who do not align against Biden’s DEI Pentagon. 

GOP backing will be needed if the proposal advances to the full Senate, where it would require 60 votes to be enacted. There will need to be considerable support from Republicans for that to happen.

Meanwhile, some Senate Republicans are eager to find a solution as war rages between Israel and Hamas. But their solutions apparently do not include Biden’s Pentagon backing off of the controversial policy and letting legislators decide.


Military leaders made the stunning decision to fund travel for service members seeking abortions who are stationed where taking the life of an unborn child is restricted or prohibited.

Many in the GOP spoke out against the move, but Tuberville alone took a very public stand against having taxpayers foot the bill for such acts. 

Instead of pushing through dozens or even hundreds of promotions at one time, his blockade means each must be considered by the Senate individually. Some nominations have recently taken this route to confirmation.

As for Tuberville, he said there is “zero chance” he will back down on the move he first announced in February. That is, unless the Pentagon backtracks or sends the vote to Congress.

If legislators are allowed to decide the contentious issue, the former football coach said he will end the blockade no matter how the decision falls. But that’s not good enough for the Biden administration, which seeks to dictate from the top.