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Snopes Forced To Reverse ‘Fact Check’ Of Biden Image After Backlash

Anastasia Boushee
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After social media users roasted President Joe Biden for his blunder and far-left “fact-checker” Snopes for trying to defend him, the outlet was forced to reverse its “fact check” and admit that Biden made yet another gaffe.

On Thursday, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) posted a photo of Biden wearing a hardhat during a meeting with her and union workers in Superior, Wisconsin, writing: “Nothing like having a beer with some great union workers and yes, that would be @JoeBiden in Superior, Wisconsin.”

Social media users were quick to notice a hilarious mistake in the image — Biden is clearly wearing his hardhat backwards.


Snopes, a far-left propaganda outlet masquerading as a “fact-checker,” immediately jumped to defend Biden — declaring that claims about Biden wearing the hardhat backwards were false.

Even in the images that Snopes used to defend its “false” rating, it was obvious that the claims were true. Snopes included one image of the back of a union worker’s hardhat that clearly showed the back side of the hat, while including a close-up of Biden that had the same side of the hardhat facing forward.

After being ruthlessly shamed on social media for their defense of Biden, Snopes was forced to reverse its “fact-check” and admit that the president’s hardhat was indeed backwards. The far-left outlet acknowledged in its reversal that it had learned that the strap and tightening knob of a hardhat should be worn on the back of the head rather than the front.


“We received a ton of comments in a very short time challenging our assumption that wearing a hard hat ‘backwards’ means wearing it with the brim facing to the rear, and ‘forwards means wearing it brim to the front. On the basis of that assumption, we originally rated the claim that Biden was wearing a hard hat backwards as false,” Snopes wrote in its correction.

“A corollary to that argument is ‘Biden looks damn silly in any case,’” Snopes added. “We find these arguments sound. Therefore, the claim ‘President Joe Biden wore a hard hat backwards during a photo op with union construction workers in Superior, Wisconsin’ is true, and this fact check has been re-rated as such.”

Meanwhile, Biden was mocked on social media for wearing the hardhat backwards — with many users pointing out that the president has repeatedly touted his working-class credentials as “Lunchbox Joe” and “Union Joe,” yet he has no idea how to wear a hardhat.

“Joe Biden claims he’s the most pro-labor/pro-union president, ever! Yet, somehow he managed to put a hardhat on backwards,” Andrew of the ‘Don’t Walk, Run’ podcast wrote in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Joe Biden wearing a hardhat backward while trying to be ‘one of the guys’ is so on brand,” declared the Citizen Free Press.

One social media user even shared a video explaining how to properly wear a hardhat.