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Study: Republican Marriages Are Happier

Holland McKinnie
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A new study from the Survey Center On American Life has found that individuals’ political affiliations may impact their marital satisfaction. The results showed that Republican men and women reported higher satisfaction levels in their marriages than Democrats.

According to the survey, 48% of Republican men stated they are “completely satisfied” with their marriages. In comparison, 42% of Republican women reported the same. On the other hand, only 36% of Democrat men and 29% of Democrat women said they were “completely satisfied” with their marriages.

The study also found that Republicans and Democrats hold different views on gender roles, with Republicans largely embracing traditional gender roles and Democrats questioning them. This difference in views may affect the reported satisfaction levels in marriages.

The findings of the survey are not limited to just marital satisfaction. They reveal that conservative Americans are generally happier with their lives compared to their liberal counterparts. 

The survey showed that 37% of conservative men reported being “completely satisfied” with their lives, compared to 21% of liberal men. The most significant discrepancy was found among women, with 31% of conservative women reporting being “completely satisfied” with their lives. In comparison, only 15% of liberal women said the same.

The rise of online dating has made it easier for individuals to learn about their prospective partner’s political views before entering a relationship. Some dating apps even allow users to prescreen partners based on their political views.

Despite popular beliefs, a 2022 Bloomberg article claimed that single, childless women are getting richer than their married counterparts with children. However, the Survey Center On American Life study suggests that traditional values and lifestyles may lead to more loving and fulfilling lives, especially in traditional marriages.


The study highlights the impact of political affiliations on marital satisfaction and overall life satisfaction. The results show that conservative individuals, especially conservative women, reported higher levels of satisfaction in their marriages and lives compared to liberal Americans.