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Suspicious Timing Of Biden’s Immigration Order Sparks Questions About Supreme Court Leaks

James King, MPA
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A recent Supreme Court decision has led to questions about the timing of President Joe Biden’s executive order on immigration, with some suggesting possible leaks from the court. The Friday morning ruling coincided suspiciously with Biden’s order legalizing immigrant spouses of American citizens, raising eyebrows among political observers.

Sean Davis of The Federalist voiced his concerns about the timing, noting the specificity of Biden’s executive order following the Supreme Court’s decision in The State Dept. v. Munoz. “Is there a new leaker at the Supreme Court? Just days ago, the Biden regime announced a radical new executive order to legalize the immigrant spouses of citizens, even if those immigrants were in the U.S. to commit crimes or were here legally,” Davis stated. He found the timing of the order particularly strange given the court’s impending decision.

The Supreme Court ruled in a 6-3 decision that the United States is not required to admit immigrant spouses of American citizens. The case involved an MS-13 gang member whose spouse was a U.S. citizen, seeking legalization. The court’s ruling emphasized that admitting noncitizens has historically been considered a favor, not a right.


Davis suggested that someone in the White House might have been aware of the Supreme Court’s decision before it was officially announced. This alleged leak could explain the rushed and seemingly poorly constructed executive order aimed at broadening immigration policies. “Somebody at the White House was clearly tipped off about the unannounced Supreme Court decision, which explains why the White House rushed out such a shoddily written and argued new executive order to open the border even more: the Biden regime knew how the Supreme Court was going to rule, and it sought to pre-empt the court with its absurd EO,” Davis wrote.

These allegations point to a significant issue if true: the breach of confidentiality within the Supreme Court. The implications of such a leak could be far-reaching, potentially undermining the integrity of the court’s deliberations and the administration’s policymaking process.

As the situation develops, it remains crucial to observe any official responses or investigations into these claims from both the Supreme Court and the White House. The trust in judicial confidentiality and the adherence to proper legal procedures are central to maintaining the checks and balances within the U.S. government.