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Tlaib Turns On Biden, Urges Democrats To Vote Against Him

Anastasia Boushee
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Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MN) has turned against President Joe Biden, the leader of her party — demanding that voters in her state refuse to cast a ballot for the incumbent in the state’s upcoming Democrat primary.

The radical leftist congresswoman urged Michigan Democrats to vote “uncommitted” in the primary to send a message to Biden. Tlaib has chosen to campaign against Biden in response to his administration’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war.

“It is important, as you all know, to not only march against the genocide, not only make sure that we’re calling our members of Congress and local electeds and passing city resolutions all throughout our country – it is also important to create a voting block, something that is a bullhorn to say enough is enough,” Tlaib declared as she stood outside the Ford Civic Center in Dearborn, Michigan.


“We don’t want a country that supports wars, and bombs and destruction, we want to support life,” she added. “We want to stand up for every single life killed in Gaza.”

“I want you to think of all of the amazing young children and the people, again, lives were lost in Gaza. This is the way you can raise our voices. Don’t make us even more invisible. Right now, we feel completely neglected and just unseen by our government. If you want us to be louder, then come here and vote uncommitted,” Tlaib continued.

Of course, the Democrat congresswoman — who has been accused of sympathizing with Hamas terrorists — refused to acknowledge the fact that the Palestinian terror group had started the violence by invading Israel and slaughtering more than 1,200 people on Oct. 7, while also taking approximately 240 hostages.

Tlaib has failed to acknowledge Hamas’ role in the ongoing war, instead focusing mostly on criticizing Israel and even insinuating that the Jewish state was somehow responsible for Hamas’ attack. She has even promoted the elimination of Israel, using the slogan “From the river to the sea” in a social media post. This slogan is a shortened version of “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” 


Meanwhile, Tlaib’s speech against Biden was shared by the radical pro-Palestine organization, the “Listen to Michigan” campaign, whose stated mission is to strongly reject “Biden’s funding war and genocide in Gaza” and send Biden a “clear message” in Michigan’s Democrat primary by voting “uncommitted.”

The group is so strongly in favor of ending U.S. aid to Israel that it has even hinted at allowing former president and current GOP primary frontrunner Donald Trump to win the swing state of Michigan.

“Trump only won Michigan in 2016 by about 10,000 votes,” the Listen to Michigan website states. “Uncommitted Michigan Democrats opposed to Biden’s policy in Gaza can demonstrate that we hold his margin of victory for re-election. Biden must earn our vote through a dramatic change in policy.”

The Michigan Democrat primary is scheduled for Feb. 27.

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