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Trump Converts Entire Panel Of Undecided Voters During SC Town Hall

Anastasia Boushee
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During Wednesday evening’s town hall in Greenville, South Carolina, former president and current GOP primary frontrunner Donald Trump managed to convert the entire panel of undecided voters in attendance to support him.

Trump’s Fox News town hall took place just a few days before South Carolina’s GOP primary contest, which is scheduled for Saturday. The Republican frontrunner discussed a myriad of issues during the conversation with Fox News host Laura Ingraham and while responding to voters’ questions.

Following the town hall event, Fox News asked the group of undecided South Carolina voters whether Trump’s comments had swayed them to support or oppose him, or whether the event had not made a difference.


The Republican frontrunner’s demonstration of leadership qualities was especially impressive to the undecided panelists, with one voter telling Fox News: “Donald Trump, if I could summarize what he said in one word, it was just ‘strength.’ He had a way about him that demanded attention. He really sounded like the kind of leader I would want to vote for.”

The panel also had a very positive reaction to one of the most viral moments of the event, where Trump told a voter that his “success” will be his “revenge” in response to her concerns about him focusing his second term on “settling old scores” with the Democrats and the deep state who sabotaged his first term and have been targeting him in the myriad of political prosecutions across the country.

“I don’t care about the ‘revenge’ thing. I know they use the word ‘revenge,’ ‘will there be revenge?’” Trump replied. “My revenge will be success.”

One panelist responded to this line by stating: “That right there is the line I’ve been wanting to hear from Donald Trump this whole election cycle. Is he running again to get revenge, to pay back, who do we have to attack, the vendetta? No, it’s my policies, my platform, my results, that will be my revenge.”


The undecided South Carolina voters also responded positively to Trump’s argument that America is “a country that’s dying” and “a failing nation” under President Joe Biden’s leadership — as well as his discussions of policy plans to address the effects of Biden’s presidency, such as the border crisis.

“He answered all of my questions about getting the fentanyl and all the drugs out over the border,” one voter said. “I think he’d be great to strengthen the homeless and try to help solve that.”

Trump is almost certain to win the South Carolina GOP primary by a significant margin — as polls show that he is leading his only remaining major opponent, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R), by 28 points among voters who are “very likely” to cast a ballot in Saturday’s primary. One poll from Winthrop University even showed Trump leading Haley by a staggering 36 points in her home state.

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