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Trump Has Nearly $500M In Cash As Bond Deadline Looms

Anastasia Boushee
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On Friday, former president and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump announced that he has nearly $500 million cash on hand ahead of the deadline to post bond in his New York civil fraud case.

Trump has been ordered to pay a $454 million judgment in the outrageous case. He is unable to appeal the case unless he pays the bond. Initially, it was reported that Trump would be unable to obtain the necessary funds, as he could not secure financing to do so and most of his wealth is tied up in investments and properties — as is the case with all wealthy people.

Many have speculated that New York Attorney General Letitia James, who brought the case against Trump, was planning to seize his assets to pay the judgment — with some arguing that this was the plan all along, especially as the anti-Trump judge in the case, Arthur Engoron, made shockingly false declarations as to the worth of Trump’s assets.


Trump has until Monday to post bond for the $454 million judgment, despite a request from his attorneys to stay the outrageous judgment, which was denied by a New York appeals court. His attorneys claimed at the time that securing the bond would be “a practical impossibility.”

However, in a Friday post on his Truth Social platform, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee revealed that “through hard work, talent, and luck” he now has almost $500 million cash on hand — noting that he had “intended to use” that money for his 2024 presidential campaign. This is exactly what the Democrats planned when pushing these lawsuits through, taking time and resources away from Trump to hinder his ability to campaign for president.

“The often overturned political hack judge on the rigged and corrupt A.G. case, where I have done nothing wrong, knew this, wanted to take it away from me, and that’s where and why he came up with the shocking number which, coupled with his crazy interest demand, is approximately $454,000,000,” Trump wrote. “I did nothing wrong except win an election in 2016 that I wasn’t expected to win, did even better in 2020, and now lead, by a lot, in 2024. This is communism in America.”

In a follow-up post, Trump further slammed the outrageous case against him.

“No trial, no jury, no crime, no victim, only a crooked judge and a corrupt, Trump hating attorney general who takes her orders directly from the White House. Election interference at a level never seen before!!!” he wrote.


Trump has been outspoken about the civil fraud judgment, especially calling out Engoron for refusing to give him his due process rights in the case.

“Judge Engoron actually wants me to put up Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for the Right to Appeal his ridiculous decision. In other words, he is trying to take my Appellate Rights away from me when I have already won at the Appellate Division, but he refuses to accept their already made decision. Nobody has ever heard of anything like this before,” Trump wrote in a Truth Social post earlier this month.

According to Trump’s attorneys, he had tried to approach roughly “30 surety companies through 4 separate brokers” to secure the bond, but had no success.

“A bond requirement of this enormous magnitude — effectively requiring cash reserves approaching $1 billion … is unprecedented for a private company,” the attorneys added in a legal filing.