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Trump Seeks To Overturn Conviction, Citing Supreme Court Immunity Ruling

James King, MPA
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Donald J. Trump has begun efforts to overturn his recent criminal conviction in Manhattan and delay his sentencing, citing a recent Supreme Court decision that grants him broad immunity for actions taken while president. This move was reported by The New York Times, which cited a source “with knowledge of the matter.”

In a letter to Judge Juan Merchan, Trump’s legal team argued that the conviction in the hush money case should be invalidated, asserting that the jury was improperly exposed to evidence that should have been shielded by presidential immunity. The letter will remain private until Tuesday, after which prosecutors will be able to respond.

Trump’s attorneys have also requested a delay in the sentencing scheduled for July 11, pending the judge’s review of the Supreme Court ruling’s implications for the conviction. The New York Times noted that “A spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office declined to comment.”


Trump faces a potential four-year prison sentence for his convictions on charges of falsifying business records. The New York Times added, “Sentencing papers in New York State courts are generally confidential unless the judge authorizes their release. This means the world may not learn of Mr. Bragg’s recommendation until Justice Merchan sentences Mr. Trump.”

This situation presents Judge Merchan with a unique challenge, as his decision will have unprecedented legal and political ramifications. No matter the outcome, it is likely to alienate significant portions of the public.

Trump’s legal maneuvering comes just days before he is expected to be formally nominated for president at the Republican National Convention, adding further complexity to an already contentious case.