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Trump Suggests US Role In Nord Stream Pipeline Attack

Chris Agee
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In the months since an attack on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline cut off a critical supply of gas from Russia to Germany, investigators around the world have attempted to identify the responsible party.

One theory is that a pro-Ukrainian group was behind the explosion, but most experts believe a state actor was responsible given the amount of preparation and level of expertise needed to conduct such a mission.

As for which country might have the motivation and capability to pull off the attack, several names have been discussed — including Russia and the United States. Former President Donald Trump weighed in on the issue during a recent interview, telling Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson that he is certain it was not the former.


He remained coy when it came to discussing the possibility that the U.S. was involved, however.

“I don’t want to get our country in trouble so I won’t answer it,” he said in response to Carlson’s question on the subject. “But I can tell you who it wasn’t: It wasn’t Russia.”

Trump, who is campaigning for the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential nomination, ridiculed the notion that “Russia blew up their own pipeline,” telling Carlson: “You got a kick out of that one, too. It wasn’t Russia.”

He seemed to further hint at the involvement of the U.S. government by touting — and taking credit for — the military’s capabilities. 

“I won’t answer the question because I don’t want to get our country any deeper than they already are,” Trump said. “We have the most incredible equipment. I rebuilt our whole military. We have things that you can do anything. We are equipped to do anything but I refuse to say it because I want our country to be pristine.”


The pipeline was destroyed under the watch of President Joe Biden, whom Trump described as a key factor in the hostilities between the U.S. and Russia.

“I think it’s much more than infrastructure you’re talking about,” he said. “We could end up in World War III over this whole thing, forget about pipelines. I believe it’s the most dangerous period of time in history because we have people on top that are incompetent. Again, China is fine if you know how to deal — Russia if you know how to deal, Russia wasn’t going into Ukraine, China wasn’t going to Taiwan with me.”