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Trump Team Files For Mistrial In NY Civil Fraud Case

Anastasia Boushee
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Former President Donald Trump’s legal team filed a motion for a mistrial on Wednesday, demanding to have his New York civil fraud case thrown out over alleged bias from Judge Arthur Engoron and his top clerk, Allison Greenfield.

In the 30-page filing, the GOP presidential frontrunner’s attorneys alleged that Engoron and Greenfield have “tainted” the proceedings with their clear bias — arguing that declaring a mistrial is the only way to “salvage what is left of the rule of law.”

It has been revealed in several reports that Greenfield violated the law by donating thousands of dollars to Democrat politicians. According to Section 100.5 of the Judicial Conduct code, it is illegal for judicial employees to donate in excess of the $500 per calendar year limit. Greenfield, who has served as Engoron’s principal law clerk since 2019, donated $3,335 to Democrat candidates and causes in 2022. She has already donated more than $1,000 to Democrats in 2023.


Greenfield has also been found to be a close friend of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), which critics say further proves her bias.

Engoron not only refused to address his clerk’s clear violation of the law, but actually imposed a gag order on Trump and his legal team to prevent them from discussing the matter.

“This appearance of bias threatens both defendants’ rights and the integrity of the judiciary as an institution,” the mistrial filing reads. “Greenfield’s unprecedented role in the trial and extensive, public partisan activities, would cause even a casual observer to question the court’s partiality.”

Meanwhile, New York Attorney General Letitia James is attacking Trump’s legal team for moving for a mistrial. James, who brought the controversial case against the Trump Organization, claimed that Trump is “trying to dismiss the truth and the facts.”


“Donald Trump is now being held accountable for the years of fraud he committed,” a spokesperson for the attorney general claimed in a statement. “He can keep trying to distract from his fraud, but the truth always comes out.”

James has accused the Trump Organization of committing criminal tax fraud by inflating the values of its properties, despite evidence to the contrary and confirmation from experts of the properties’ market value.