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Vance Returns Fire, Tells Romney To Stop Attacking Conservatives

James King, MPA
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Sen. JD Vance (R-OH) fired back at Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) on Thursday for criticizing his appearance at former President Donald Trump’s New York trial. Vance said Romney was ill-equipped to judge others’ Trump interactions given his own history with the former president.

“Mitt’s been on sort of three sides of every issue in public policy in this country the last 20 years,” Vance told reporters. He suggested Romney should prioritize his legislative duties and serving Utahns rather than attacking fellow Republicans which Vance called “counterproductive.”

Romney, a notorious anti-Trump force in the federal government, had described the display of support for Trump at the courthouse as “demeaning” and “embarrassing.” 

Vance was among a handful of Republican senators who attended the proceedings along with Sens. Rick Scott (R-FL) and Tommy Tuberville (R-AL). House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) also showed up to denounce the trial as a “sham.”


In a Fox News interview, Vance explained he was there “to support a friend.” He described Trump’s legal ordeal as “a very depressing way to spend five, six weeks of your life when you know that you’re innocent.”

Romney’s constant pandering to liberal Democrats, especially in his refusal to denounce the clearly politically-motivated lawfare being waged against former President Trump, shows his bad faith and his willingness to sacrifice the country’s wellbeing to maintain