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Wyoming Republicans Behaving Less Like Conservatives By The Day

Graham Perdue
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Democrats cannot be expected to govern on the sound and conservative principles that guide most Republicans, that much is certain. But when GOP lawmakers refuse to adhere to the foundation of their party, this spells trouble.

Such is the case in Wyoming, a seemingly deep red state where Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden by an astounding 43.3 points in 2020.

Republicans not only control the governor’s mansion but enjoy supermajorities in the state legislature. This would seemingly set the table for advancing the party platform, but recently the state GOP is acting more like blue collar Democrats.


Consider the “What is a Woman Act” — as basic of a Republican piece of common sense legislation as there ever has been.

According to the Cowboy State Daily, the proposal would define people “as male or female by their biology at birth under Wyoming law and preclude special accommodations for people who identify otherwise.”

It would mandate that biology and not preference determine a person’s right to use gender-specific bathrooms, locker rooms and other facilities.

In other words, boys are boys and girls are girls. Basic enough.


But on Feb. 15, 19 House Republicans inexplicably joined all of the body’s five Democrats to end the bill’s chances. The legislature is currently in a budget session, which means that a two-thirds majority is required for passage of any proposal that is “non-budget.” 

Still, the GOP majority is sufficient that it should have been only a formality to enshrine something so simple as boys being boys and girls being girls. But Republicans got in their own way and the fundamental bill must wait for another day. 

Even though it took a 37-24 majority vote.

Another example of the GOP being its own worst enemy was the defeat of a bill to prohibit private election funding. HB 42 addressed Democrats’ so-called “Zuckbucks” that poured into recent election cycles to promote liberal candidates and schemes.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg famously dumped hundreds of millions into the coffers of left-wing organizations in 2020. They in turn poured the funding into local election offices to change protocols to favor Democrats, including unsupervised drop boxes and mail-in voting.

The U.S. has been living with the mess brought on by this effort ever since.

But establishment Republicans also stood in its way and killed another opportunity to return power to the hands of the people. It is time for the Wyoming GOP to remember its roots and flex its true power, not simply bow to the establishment.

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