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Abbott Corrects NYC Mayor: Biden Playing Political Games With Migrants

James King, MPA
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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) recently made his way to a Republican fundraiser in New York City, a major destination to which Abbott has been busing migrants in the wake of an exploding border crisis that has had disastrous impacts on his state. Upon hearing the news, New York City Mayor Eric Adams addressed the Texas governor’s visit, offering him the exciting opportunity to stay in one of the city’s overpopulated migrant shelters.

Adams had changed his tune significantly from the time Abbott began sending migrants to his sanctuary city to the time he pushed back against President Joe Biden’s border crisis — and saw a federal investigation launched against him shortly thereafter. It seems Adams is now firmly — regardless of what put him there — in the pro-migrant camp again, despite the disaster it has precipitated in the Big Apple.

Abbott recently went on “Fox News Sunday” to discuss the mayor’s generous offer.

Host Shannon Bream began the interview with a clip of the governor’s response recorded at the NYC fundraiser he spoke at. 

Abbott tore apart leftist attempts to shame him, as Adams referred to him as “morally bankrupt” for granting illegal migrants the sanctuary promised by the mayor, asserting, “We made clear by contacting his office and said, ‘We’re not sending them to New York … That’s Joe Biden sending them to New York.’ But the criticism kept coming, kept coming, kept coming, despite our denial. So, after a while, I figured, gosh, if I’m gonna get the criticism, I’m gonna get the credit. And thus began the busing of illegal immigrants to the sanctuary city of New York City.”

Responding to  Bream bringing up Adams’ claims that Abbott is using the waves of illegal immigrants as political pawns, Abbot replied, “So, the person who is actually using illegal immigrants as political pawns is Joe Biden. Joe Biden has created this open border policy that has allowed illegal immigrants into our country to appeal to and appease the far leftists in the Democratic Party that people like Ocasio-Cortez, and folks are trying to win their support while at the same time destroying the country that he’s in charge of.”


Abbot continued, rebuking Biden’s political motivations, stating, “Our country is being invaded in ways that put our country at risk because of the political games that Joe Biden is playing. And Mayor Adams is just aiding and abetting that by having a sanctuary city status, welcoming in anybody from across the world to live there or stay there in New York City on the bill of New York City.”

The Texas governor also offered some advice to the embattled mayor: “What Mayor Adams needs to do, he needs to stop talking boldly about illegal immigration and the migrants that Texas is sending there. And he needs to step up and do his own job, because look at the dangers in New York City under his watch.”

From attempting to claim former President Donald Trump “killed” a border bill that was just giveaway legislation that didn’t actually address the migrant crisis, to sanctuary cities blaming Texas for sending waves of illegal invaders outside the state’s non-sanctuary borders, the left is going all out to blame their obvious open-borders policies on Republicans. And this is, very simply, because Americans are against what is happening, and Democrats fear what that could mean in November.