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Baseball Legend Mariano Rivera Fearlessly Endorses Donald Trump For President

James King, MPA
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Retired Yankee and living baseball legend Mariano Rivera recently came out in fearless support of former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign during an interview with radio personality Sid Rosenberg on WABC’s “Sid & Friends in the Morning” show.

During the interview, Rosenberg brought up then-President Trump giving Rivera the Medal of Freedom in 2019, which the historic pitcher commented on fondly: “It was an amazing moment.”

Rosenberg then broached the subject of politics, leading the conversation but allowing Rivera an out if he wanted to keep his politics “to himself.”


“I’m a huge, I’m an ardent President Trump supporter,” Rosenberg declared. He lamented on the state of the country and the grim potential prospects facing his children if the U.S. continues on its current trajectory, saying he believes we need Trump back in the White House. 

He followed up by asking Rivera his thoughts on the issue, to which he replied, “This is my friend.”

Rivera went on to clarify that he isn’t interested in left vs. right politics, but wants to do what’s best for the United States. He also pointed out simply, “He is my friend. And because he’s my friend, I will vote for him.”

Rosenberg responded to this with a heartwarming, “You’re my favorite player ever.”


Rivera was also asked about his philanthropic work in his home country of Panama, where he is helping struggling students by building a school to relieve the crowded conditions in the classrooms there. He spoke about his organization, The Mariano Rivera Foundation, and how they’re planning to accomplish his goals in the small nation.

Despite media attacks and the many pitfalls of being a celebrity who happens to support Donald Trump, Rivera had no hesitation in declaring his support for the former president. And this is becoming a common trend. More and more, people are realizing that they have an opportunity to right the wrongs of 2020 and becoming vocal about the need for a dramatic change in the White House.