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Biden Administration ‘Fact Sheet’ Calls Undocumented Migrants ‘Newcomers’

Chris Agee
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Influential leftists have long sought to revise the English language in order to reflect their social agenda, such as nixing “gendered” words like “mom and dad” or referring to abortion as “reproductive health.”

This week, the Biden administration trotted out another example of such newspeak with its latest euphemism for migrants who enter the United States illegally. 

While the term “illegal alien” has long been condemned by the left, its most common replacement — “undocumented migrant” — has apparently also been deemed insufficiently welcoming for the millions of individuals who have violated the nation’s immigration laws since President Joe Biden’s inauguration.


According to a so-called “fact sheet” released by the White House in coordination with the president’s visit to Brownsville, Texas, this week, the preferred term for undocumented migrants is “newcomers.”

The Biden administration document sought to make the case for a controversial Senate bill that would permit the continued illegal arrival of thousands of migrants each day.

“The bill also includes $1.4 billion for cities and states who are providing critical services to newcomers, and would expedite work permits for people who are in the country and qualify,” the White House statement boasted.

Biden announced his border visit after GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump confirmed he would be visiting the hard-hit border town of Eagle Pass, Texas, on the same day. 

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was on hand for the former president’s arrival and highlighted the stark differences between the Trump and Biden administrations.

“The United States of America is dealing with more deadly consequences than we have in our entire lifetime because of President Biden’s open border policies,” Abbott said. “It did not have to be this way. President Trump put in place four policies that led to the lowest illegal border crossing in about four decades. What President Biden did was eliminate all those effective policies and fail the American people by aiding and abetting illegal entry.”

Trump criticized the Democratic governors of Arizona and California for failing to act, telling Abbott, who has mounted a robust statewide effort to curb illegal immigration: “Texas is very secure, and it is going to be even more secure by the time you finish.”

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