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Biden Memorializes George Floyd On 50th Birthday

Graham Perdue
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President Joe Biden took the occasion of what would have been Black Lives Matter hero George Floyd’s 50th birthday to pay tribute. He also issued yet another call for police reform and gun control despite the obvious fact that firearms played no role in Floyd’s 2020 death.

That incident sparked a summer of violent riots that killed several and resulted in over $2 billion in property damage.

Further, BLM has come under strong criticism recently for its strong support of terrorist group Hamas. This despite the murder of more than 1,300 Israelis in a violent attack that threatens to rip apart the Middle East.


In his controversial statement, Biden asserted that the 2020 violence was in reality “one of the largest civil rights movements in our nation’s history and inspired the world.” The facts are far different from the Democrat’s misguided rhetoric. 

The Floyd-inspired violence led to many leftists calling for defunding law enforcement and neutering criminal justice.

The results? A massive surge in violent crime and rampant looting that several leftist cities still grapple with. Businesses fled downtown areas such as San Francisco, which only increased the lawlessness and degradation. 

And laughably, cities have had to cough up about $68 million to pay for “damages” rioters claimed they suffered at the hands of police. This while these same violent criminals attacked innocent civilians and destroyed public and private property. 


As for Biden, he did not miss the opportunity to engage in his favorite pastime of race hustling. “George Floyd’s murder exposed for many what Black and Brown communities have long known and experienced.”

He then reissued his call for passage of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. This legislation is stalled in the House as contentious aspects are argued over, such as the end of no-knock warrants.

Which of course had nothing to do with Floyd’s death.

Some aspects of the 2021 bill are already in place due to executive orders from Biden. There is a ban on chokeholds and new restrictions on no-knock warrants along with a police misconduct database.

But the president called on Congress to do more. He added, “George Floyd’s memory reminds us that there is more work to do to redeem the soul of America.”