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Public Demand For Border Wall Surging

Holland McKinnie
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The debate surrounding border security and illegal immigration has heated up again, with public sentiment revealing a noticeable shift. According to a recent Fox News survey, support for constructing a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border now stands at 57%. This reflects a significant surge from the 50% backing in November 2015. Furthermore, this upward trajectory is even more profound, considering that support for the wall was at a mere 39% in September 2018.

The driving force behind this rising support appears to be the unprecedented influx of illegal border crossings under the current administration. Since Joe Biden assumed office, over seven million people have illegally entered the United States. As a consequence, there has been mounting frustration, particularly among Republicans. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) notably channeled this discontent, transporting migrants into sanctuary cities and challenging Washington’s border stances. This strategic move by Abbott has had a ripple effect, sparking pro-border security protests even in typically left-leaning cities like New York.

One might think the border wall, a staple of President Donald Trump’s campaign, was a predominantly Republican cause. However, the recent data presents a more nuanced picture. Remarkably, traditionally Democratic constituencies are also showing increased support. 

Hispanic voters, for instance, have exhibited a 14% surge in support since February. Similarly, there was a 9% rise among Black voters, and Democrats saw an 8% growth in favorability. The senior demographic, voters over 65, recorded a 19% spike in support.

This renewed support for border security isn’t just confined to the idea of a wall. A sizable 48% of the surveyed individuals perceive the situation at the southern border as an emergency, a sentiment up by 21% from February 2019. Notably, the rise in concern isn’t restricted to one group, with Black voters (+27), independents (+26), Democrats (+24), and Hispanic voters (+23) all reporting at least a 20-point increase in their belief that the border situation is critical.


For the Biden administration, the optics on this issue remain challenging. Joe Biden’s approval ratings on border security are at their lowest, with only 30% endorsing his approach, while 66% disapprove. Even within his party, fissures are appearing. While most Democrats (56%) support him, a significant 48% believe the current border security level is too lax.

Commenting on the situation, Republican Daron Shaw, who contributed to the Fox News Poll, remarked, “Border security is clearly a problem for the Biden administration, and their shift on funding for the wall reflects the strategic need to neutralize the issue in advance of the 2024 elections.”

In an environment where most voters (70%) believe the U.S. immigration system has been dysfunctional for decades, the administration’s challenge lies in bridging the divide between addressing the humanitarian concerns of migrants and the legitimate security and economic concerns of the American populace.

The data from the Fox News survey was collected between October 6-9, encompassing the views of 1,007 registered voters. The margin of error stands at +/- 3%.