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Biden Signs Sweeping Woke Executive Order That Goes Unnoticed

Graham Perdue
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With last week’s three-day holiday weekend approaching, President Joe Biden inked an executive order with no fanfare and precious little notice. This measure, however, tremendously expanded the reach of the federal government and poured fuel on the blazing wokeness fire.

The order specifically made “equity” the guiding principle of the mighty federal government and directed that its sweeping powers be charged with bringing about this Marxist goal.

Remember when “equality” was the target? Everyone should not be judged by natural characteristics they do not control and instead be afforded equal opportunity?

That noble goal has been thrown out like last week’s garbage. Instead, this nation is set on a course to make all outcomes equal. That’s the mission of the “Executive Order On Further Advancing Racial Equity And Support For Underserved Communities Through The Federal Government.”

Today’s goal of equity means that any disparities between groups of Americans must be the result of racism — whether by individuals, U.S. society, or the government.

And the only way to fix this inequity is with broad government action to advance equal outcomes no matter the causes for their existence.

Thursday’s executive order was clearly crafted to render the “whole of government” subject to its demands. The wording called for a “multi-generational commitment” across the board to produce equal outcomes.


The directive pushes the federal government to “support and empower all Americans” by advancing equity. It cites many groups and communities who are victims of being “underserved, discriminated against, and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality.”

Biden’s new executive order commands that equity must be in the midst of every government policy and service rendered. It is integral to each function of Washington, from administering services to the specifically named artificial intelligence initiatives.

Virtually every federal agency must now create an “Agency Equity Team” to further the woke goals of the executive order. 

If this poisoning of the executive branch is allowed to continue, it could affect generations to come with its misguided and discriminatory “equity” demands. There is no excuse for congressional Republicans to allow this takeover of legislative power by the White House, and it should be stopped.

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