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Burgum Urges CNN To Question Biden About Hunter Biden’s Laptop At Debate

James King, MPA
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North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) has called on CNN to press President Joe Biden about his previous claims regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop during the upcoming presidential debate. Burgum, who is a potential vice-presidential pick for Donald Trump, made these remarks in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Kaitlan Collins.

Burgum emphasized the importance of challenging Biden on statements he made during the 2020 election, where Biden dismissed the laptop controversy as “Russian disinformation.” The laptop later played a role in Hunter Biden’s criminal trial, leading to his conviction on multiple weapons charges.

“This is a real opportunity for CNN, the most trusted name in news, to ask some tough questions,” Burgum said. “When we had this debate just before the election four years ago, Joe Biden looked into the camera and said that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a smear campaign, Russian disinformation, called it garbage. And now we know that none of that is true.”


Burgum highlighted the importance of accountability, suggesting that CNN has the chance to pose challenging questions to both candidates. “I think America is waiting. CNN’s got an opportunity to ask tough questions of both these candidates,” he added.

Collins assured viewers that there would be “tough questions for everybody” at the debate, aiming for a comprehensive examination of all candidates.

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