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Trump Wows Crowd In Philly With $500 Tip, Advocates For Tax-Free Tips

James King, MPA
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During his visit to Philadelphia, President Donald Trump made a memorable stop at Tony and Nick’s Steaks, where he wowed the crowd by giving a $500 tip to the employees. This gesture is part of his broader effort to connect with voters in local communities, emphasizing his proposal to make tips tax-free for restaurant workers.

Trump’s visit to the steak shop included a heartwarming encounter with a young fan dressed as the former president, complete with a navy-blue suit, red tie, and blonde wig. The young supporter was visibly moved when Trump greeted him with a signed $20 bill and a photo, bringing the boy to tears. Trump joked, “I like that kid! So, if your parents don’t want you, I’ll take you,” eliciting laughter from the crowd and leaving the boy smiling.

Despite Philadelphia being a traditionally Democratic stronghold, Trump has been making efforts to engage with supporters in similar areas. Recently, he has visited the Bronx, Detroit, and the Jersey Shore, underscoring his campaign’s focus on reaching out to voters in diverse communities.


Pennsylvania, a critical swing state, is expected to play a decisive role in the upcoming November election. Trump’s campaign has been keen to highlight the perceived shortcomings of President Joe Biden’s administration, particularly focusing on issues such as crime and illegal immigration. At his rally at Temple University, Trump planned to address these topics, pointing out that only 34% of Pennsylvanians approve of Biden’s performance, according to Fox News.

Trump’s campaign continues to build momentum, with his recent appearances and interactions underscoring his commitment to addressing the concerns of American families and advocating for policies that resonate with everyday workers.