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Canadian Female Boxer Withdraws From Bout With Biological Male

Graham Perdue
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A Canadian female boxer said thanks but no thanks when informed that her Golden Gloves Championship opponent was in fact a man. Dr. Katia Bissonnette learned an hour before the fight that she would face the transgender Mya Walmsley.

This is the way real women must fight back against failed male athletes encroaching on their spaces. Refuse to play along with the silliness.

Walmsley was declared the Quebec champion by default as there was not a replacement competitor to take Bissonette’s place. 


As a doctor, the true female was well aware of a study by the University of Utah. The findings suggested that men punch 163% harder than women, making the matchup she faced extremely risky.

In the group involved in the study, the weakest man was physically superior to the strongest woman.

In a statement, Bissonnette told Reduxx that “women shouldn’t have to bear the physical and psychological risks brought by a man’s decisions regarding his personal life and identity.”

She added that there should be two categories for fighters, “biological male and female.”


Walmsley attended Concordia University after moving from Australia to Canada two years ago. This was to be his first fight since identifying as a woman and filing to compete in that category.

He reportedly still carries a masculine appearance.

Bissonette worries about the future for females in her sport. With the dramatically increased risks for women in combat sports who must face biological males, she said this could be the end for females in fighting.

The transgender Walmsley reacted angrily after learning of Bissonette’s unwillingness to face him in the boxing ring. In a statement, he wrote that she should have talked to him, his coach or the Quebec Olympic Boxing Federation.

Walmsley complained, “This kind of behavior puts athletes at risk of being excluded or receiving personal attacks based on hearsay…I am afraid that this type of accusations could eventually be used to delegitimize athletes in the women’s category, and justify arbitrary and invasive regulations.”

The Quebec Boxing Federation reportedly knew Walmsley was in fact a biological male. They merely claimed they chose a suitable referee for the canceled bout.