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Girl Scouts Host Training On ‘Internalized Racism,’ ‘White Supremacy Culture’

Anastasia Boushee
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The Girl Scouts are reportedly planning to offer a four-part training series on “racial equity” for volunteers and parents, which will focus on so-called “internalized racism” and “White supremacy culture.”

The 111-year-old organization that was created to help young women has apparently adopted the ideology of Critical Race Theory (CRT), a racist ideology pushed by the far left that has become commonplace in schools and corporations across the country.

The new training is scheduled to begin on December 13 with a virtual lesson titled “Foundations in Racial Equity.” The next lesson, titled “Foundations in Internalized Racism,” will begin on January 16. The third lesson is scheduled for February 5, and will be titled “Understanding and Decentering White Supremacy Culture.” The fourth and final lesson, titled “Navigating Change, Power and Equitable Decision Making,” will begin in late March.


The training will be offered through GS Learn, a platform designed to train Girl Scout volunteers and Girl Scouts’ family members.

The Daily Wire obtained a description of the training, which read: “These D.E.I. Racial Equity workshops are designed for participants to engage in building a learning community, developing shared language and analysis around diversity, inclusion, and equity, deeply interrogating race. Participants also interrogate structural racism and its historical construction while reflecting greatly on the way it manifests in our individual experiences, organizational dynamics, and systemic outcomes.”

These training sessions will be held in conjunction with a far-left consulting firm based in North Carolina called the “Equity Paradigm Group,” which describes itself as “a group of diversity practitioners, adult learning facilitators, researchers, organizers, change agents, and passionate social justice activists who are dedicated to evolving the way in which organizations approach their work.”

This is just the latest sign of the Girl Scouts moving toward becoming a far-left propaganda organization, as earlier this year the organization announced that scouts could earn an “LGBTQ+ Pride Month Fun Patch” for attending a pride parade, memorizing a poem written by an LGBT-identifying author, or reading “about the Stonewall uprising in 1969 and its importance to the LGBTQ+ community” and writing their own poem about the event.

The Girl Scouts also previously published an “anti-racism guide” promoting the ideas of CRT that claim color-blindness “perpetuates racism” and argue that children display a “bias towards whiteness.”

The organization has also aligned itself with Planned Parenthood, even donating money to pro-abortion causes in the past — prompting many conservatives to boycott the Girl Scouts and refuse to purchase their cookies over fear that their money would be used to promote abortion.