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Carlson: China Paying ‘Biden’s Crackhead Son’ Sure ‘PAID OFF’ 

Anastasia Boushee
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During a recent broadcast, Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out the Biden administration’s abhorrent actions in response to the Chinese surveillance balloon flying over the United States.

The spy balloon, which had been flying over the U.S. for several days before Americans were finally made aware thanks to a Montana newspaper, was finally shot down on Saturday morning while flying over the Atlantic Ocean off the Carolina coast.

South Carolina residents took video footage of the surveillance balloon being shot out of the sky on Saturday, sharing images to Twitter.


Americans have condemned President Joe Biden for the lack of action in response to China’s spy balloon — with some even accusing the administration of knowing about it all along but refusing to take action because of Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s meeting with Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping.

Meanwhile, Carlson had even more to say about the issue — questioning whether the reaction to the surveillance balloon would have been different if it originated from Russia.

“Here we have a foreign military aircraft over our country, spying on our critical defense installations and posing a threat to civilian aviation. That seems like a big deal,” the Fox News host said.


“How would we respond if [Russian President Vladimir] Putin were doing this? If this were a Russian spy balloon?” Carlson asked, adding that it would have been “the world’s shortest news story!”

The Biden administration would have blown the balloon out of the sky if it belonged to Russia, the country that Democrats have essentially deemed as enemy number one. Despite China’s continued hostility towards the United States — and nearly every other country in the world, especially Taiwan and Hong Kong — Democrats don’t seem to care about the danger posed by the communist country and would rather focus on Russia.

Carlson pointed that fact out, and went on to note that China had “sent cash” to Biden’s son, Hunter Biden — arguing that the money had “paid off” because their spy balloon was allowed to complete its mission before being destroyed.

“But things turn out to be a little different when it’s a Chinese spy balloon,” the Fox News host said.

“As far as we know Vladimir Putin has never sent cash to Joe Biden’s crackhead son. He probably should have! That would have been a very good investment, in retrospect,” Carlson added. “The Chinese government, long-thinking as always, did send cash to Biden’s crackhead son. And apparently to Joe Biden himself. And that paid off.”

“It’s not like the Chinese invaded Ukraine, just our country, so no big deal,” he quipped.

Fox News host Jesse Watters detailed the connection between Hunter Biden and China in a recent broadcast.

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