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China Demands US Apologize For Shooting Down Spy Balloon

Graham Perdue
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Communist China now demands that the U.S. not only apologize for its downing of a spy balloon earlier this month, but also drop its commitment to aid Taiwan.

Xinhua News, a propaganda outlet for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), published a statement from a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Sunday. 

The mouthpiece acknowledged a meeting between the CCP’s Wang Yi and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken.


Wang, to no one’s surprise, insisted that China is free of guilt just after what the world knows is a spy balloon was shot down off the South Carolina coast. China was also recently discovered to have illegal “police stations” in New York, Los Angeles, and several other global cities.

The Chinese representative slammed the U.S. for “an abuse of the use of force and violation of customary international practice.” He termed the U.S. as the world’s leading surveillance state and said Washington sent spy balloons over China on several occasions. 

Wang repeated China’s denial of guilt over the spying incident and termed the incident a “political farce manufactured by the U.S.” Even as China continues to make obviously false claims, they have yet to provide one shred of evidence that the balloon was in fact a civilian weather device.

Instead, Wang merely doubled down on his criticism of the West. He said Washington is doing everything in its power “to block and suppress China.”


Amazingly, he  touted China’s “constructive role” in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is nearing its one-year anniversary. 

Not content to halt there, Wang lectured the U.S. that “Taiwan independence” must be strongly opposed and all sides must adhere to the one-China policy. He said the U.S. must follow history and abide by political commitments “not supporting Taiwan independence.”

Taiwan’s defense ministry last week warned that it will shoot down any suspected military craft in its airspace.

Beijing’s arrogance is no doubt enhanced by its discovery that it could operate a spy balloon across the U.S. unobstructed for several days. It is difficult to imagine the response by the previous administration to the same breach of national security, but no doubt it would be vastly different.