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Concerns Mount Over Middle Easterners And Chinese Nationals Breaching US Border

James King, MPA
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US officials are raising alarms about the increasing number of foreign nationals, particularly those from the Middle East and China, attempting to enter the country illegally and gain access to military bases. The rise in these incidents has led some experts to draw parallels with the Oct. 7 attacks on Israel by Hamas.

Filmmaker Namrata Singh Gujral, who directed the documentary “America, Invaded,” told The Media Line that in both cases, “Islamic fundamentalists entered (or are entering and have entered, in the case of the southern border) the two nations, which they have sworn to eradicate because of their fundamentalist beliefs that promote the annihilation of kaffirs (nonbelievers).”

Gujral cited a report from US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) indicating that multiple Islamic fundamentalists have entered the US through its southern border. She also noted the presence of a mosque and shelter in Tijuana, Mexico, which currently houses over 100 Muslims attempting to cross into the US.


While Gujral doesn’t take issue with the mosque itself, she expressed concern about the increase in attempted entry by citizens from countries known for “jihadist ideologies,” such as Yemen, Pakistan, and Iran.

FBI Director Christopher Wray has also voiced concerns about Islamists in the US, especially after the Oct. 7 attacks, stating that the threat “has gone to a whole other level.”

In addition to the Middle Eastern threat, a group of Republican lawmakers is warning the Biden administration about a dramatic rise in Chinese nationals, largely adult males, crossing the border illegally. CBP data shows that over 30,000 Chinese migrants have entered the California-Mexico border since October.

The lawmakers, led by Rep. Bob Good (R-VA), claim that these developments prove their “worst fears” about the weakening of borders and lack of enforcement under the current administration.