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Fico Accuses Soros-Linked Groups Of Instigating Assassination Attempt

James King, MPA
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Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has broken his silence following the May 15 assassination attempt that left him with multiple gunshot wounds. In a 14-minute video released on Wednesday, Fico expressed that he harbors “no hatred towards the stranger who shot me,” instead labeling the assailant as a “messenger of evil and political hatred” fueled by Slovakia’s opposition.

Aligned with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Fico has consistently opposed mass migration and the Western intervention in Ukraine. He pointed fingers at opposition politicians, “foreign-funded political non-governmental organizations,” and media outlets linked to financier George Soros for fostering a hostile political climate that he believes led to the attempt on his life.

Fico condemned what he called the “single-correct-opinion policy” promoted by some Western democracies. He argued that the EU and NATO have enforced the notion that the war in Ukraine must continue to weaken Russia, silencing any dissenting opinions by branding them as “Russian agents.”


Reflecting on his previous terms, Fico emphasized his independent stance on international issues, such as his refusal to support NATO’s bombing of Serbia and the withdrawal of Slovak troops from Iraq. He lamented that in the current EU climate, “the right to a different opinion has ceased to exist.”

Michal Šimečka, head of the Progressive Slovakia party, criticized Fico’s address, suggesting he should have used the opportunity to promote social unity. Another opposition leader accused Fico of exacerbating political tensions by blaming globalists for the shooting.

Fico’s comments highlight the deep political divisions in Slovakia and raise concerns about external influences on the nation’s political landscape. This situation underscores the broader challenge within Europe to balance free expression with political cohesion.