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Conservative Pariah Urges US To Bar Tucker Carlson Reentry

Graham Perdue
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Amid numerous reports that conservative journalist Tucker Carlson is in Moscow preparing to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin, an alarming call was issued by commentator Bill Kristol, who advocated closing U.S. borders to Carlson when he attempts to return home to the United States.

Once considered a conservative, Kristol’s latest outburst only showed how far removed is from conservative values.

Kristol posted on X, formerly Twitter, “Perhaps we need a total and complete shutdown of Tucker Carlson re-entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”


Not surprisingly, the reaction among those who still value freedom of the press was brutal.

Sara Higdon noted that ABC reporter John Miller interviewed Osama bin Laden after the 1993 attack on New York City. She asked, “Should he have been barred access back home?”

Another social media user noted that Kristol “casually advocated fascism.” Yet another warned that the U.S. is nearing the point where all communication will be “censored and funneled through a single central source.” 

Meanwhile, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene gave an impassioned defense of the freedom of journalists to conduct interviews. The conservative firebrand posted on X: “Democrats and their propagandists in the media are spasming at the prospect of Tucker Carlson interviewing Putin.”


Greene pressed on. “They HATE when someone like Tucker goes ‘off-script.’ We have a free press in the country and it’s people like Tucker Carlson who we depend on to speak the truth!”

The Western Lensman account parodied Kristol, proclaiming, “American citizens/journalists I don’t like should be barred from re-entering the country until federal authorities investigate to my satisfaction.”

And Will McEllen posted an image of iconic journalist Barbara Walters interviewing the very same Vladimir Putin who Carlson is believed to be preparing to sit with. He asked if Kristol was also opposed to Walters.

There is an alarming trend among the left — including neoconservatives who may not see themselves that way — to want government gatekeepers guarding every information source.

What would Putin tell Carlson that has the establishment so alarmed?