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NYC Launches New $53M Spending Card Giveaway For Migrants 

Holland McKinnie
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New York City announced this week that it will be introducing a $53 million pilot program to provide pre-paid credit cards to migrant families. The initiative spearheaded by Mayor Eric Adams (D) signals a perplexing contradiction in the city’s approach to handling the influx of illegal aliens.

At first glance, Adams’ outcry regarding the strain illegal aliens place on the city’s resources seems reasonable. After all, New York hasn’t faced the magnitude of influx that border states like Texas have. However, a deeper dive into the city’s policy reveals a conflicting narrative. The provision of food, shelter, and now, financial aid in the form of pre-paid credit cards paints a picture of a city enticing more migrants despite the apparent strain.

This new program, run by the New Jersey company Mobility Capital Finance, will initially target 500 migrant families housed in hotels like the Roosevelt Hotel. Depending on size, each family could receive up to $1,000 per month for food and baby supplies. With 15,000 migrants currently accommodated in hotels, the expansion of this program looms as a significant financial undertaking.

The program’s financial implications are staggering. The city is already allocating over $137 million for 750 hotel rooms for illegal aliens and housing approximately 66,000 people across various facilities, with a projected cost of $10 billion through 2025. This raises critical questions about the sustainability of such policies, especially considering the city’s already precarious financial situation. Taxpayers, burdened with their own financial burdens under “Bidenomics,” are now under additional pressure to fund these initiatives.

Moreover, the program’s implementation raises concerns about accountability. In a city struggling to enforce laws against violent crimes, skepticism abounds regarding the city’s ability to monitor the appropriate use of these funds. This issue dovetails with a broader critique of the Biden administration’s handling of immigration policies. Critics argue that President Joe Biden’s perceived open borders policy has exacerbated the issue, contributing to the chaotic scenario in cities like New York.

Yet, this strategy is at odds with the more significant issue at hand. Mayor Adams himself has expressed grave concerns over the sustainability of New York City’s sanctuary status, warning of its potential to “destroy” the city. This paradoxical stance of welcoming yet warning encapsulates the city’s current immigration quagmire.

Critics of the program argue that such policies only serve to attract more illegal immigrants, further burdening the city’s resources. They argue that a more stringent approach to immigration focusing on law enforcement and border security is the only real way to address the ongoing crisis.


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