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Conservative Reporter’s Home Address Displayed By Protesters At University Of Washington

James King, MPA
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Jonathan Choe, a reporter for Turning Point USA’s (TPUSA) Frontlines, had his home address displayed on cardboard signs and umbrellas by protesters at the University of Washington (UW) on Tuesday. 

The incident occurred hours before TPUSA founder and CEO Charlie Kirk was scheduled to speak at the campus as part of his “Live Free” Tour.

The display of Choe’s personal information appears to be an attempt by protesters to dox the conservative reporter. Choe and his security team were also violently attacked by protesters near a pro-Palestinian encampment on campus earlier in the day.


Reporters attempting to obtain footage of the “liberation zone” were followed by students carrying large umbrellas to prevent fellow protesters from being identified. This tactic suggests a coordinated effort by the protesters to shield their identities while targeting those they oppose.

The incident highlights the increasing tensions between conservative student organizations and left-wing activists on college campuses. It also raises concerns about the safety and privacy of individuals who may be targeted for their political beliefs or affiliations.

The University of Washington has stated that campus police are investigating the attacks on Choe and his security team and gathering evidence. The school has emphasized its commitment to maintaining a safe environment for all students.