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IBM Subsidiary Red Hat Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Anti-White, Anti-Male Hiring Practices

James King, MPA
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America First Legal (AFL) has filed a lawsuit against IBM subsidiary Red Hat, alleging discriminatory employment practices against White males. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of former Red Hat Senior Director Allan Kingsley Wood, claims the company violated Civil Rights laws by implementing illegal diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) requirements.

According to the suit, Red Hat hired a Chief Executive Officer of DEI in 2021 to spearhead programs aimed at achieving diversity goals by treating race as a dispositive factor for employment and advancement. Wood claims that managers and executives expressed dismay at the lack of diversity in the workforce and their desire to achieve certain quotas based on race and gender.


The lawsuit states that Wood, a White male, was vocal about his opposition to these policies and advocated for hiring based on merit and skill. It also alleges that Red Hat made derogatory statements towards White individuals and presented an anti-White agenda at company events.

Red Hat allegedly announced “Bold DEI Goals” at a kickoff event in Texas, which included quotas seeking to reach 30% women globally and 30% associates of color in the United States by 2028. Two weeks after this announcement, Wood was informed that his role was being eliminated along with 21 other individuals, 21 of whom were White males.

AFL President Stephen Miller said, “Americans were shocked and horrified when a recording revealed IBM’s CEO openly discussing illegal race-based discrimination in IBM’s hiring practices — violating the rights of employees, the trust of consumers, the conscience of Americans, and the laws of the United States. Today, we are taking action on behalf of a courageous plaintiff against his former employer, filing a lawsuit in federal court to get justice for our client and to stop this flagrantly lawless and bigoted conduct.”