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Democrat Cape Cod Residents Grow Concerned Over Illegal Immigration

Anastasia Boushee
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Residents of Cape Cod, Massachusetts — an elite town that voted overwhelmingly for Democrat President Joe Biden — are growing increasingly concerned over an influx of illegal aliens to their community.

Recent weeks saw local officials in Cape Cod voicing their concerns to Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey (D) over the arrival of illegal aliens from Haiti to their town — which comes as Healey recently declared a state of emergency over illegal immigration in the state.

The New York Times has reported that social services in the small, picturesque town are being stressed, while public schools are also overwhelmed. Meanwhile, Cape Cod officials sent a letter to Healey requesting that the state stop sending illegal aliens to the Yarmouth Resort motel — declaring them “a nuisance to the town.”

In a statement to NBC Boston, Cape Cod Town Administrator Robert Whritenour explained the issues being caused by the influx of illegal aliens.

“It’s a fluid process with them day-to-day. They often neglect or forget to contact the local municipal officials,” Whritenour’s statement read. “It’s been brutal, quite frankly, in terms of a lot of vitriol that has been directed towards local officials, towards state officials, towards federal officials. And honestly, I think a lot of people are fearful.”

Cape Cod residents also spoke out about the issue during a recent town meeting — expressing their concerns about the fact that these illegal aliens are not properly vetted, noting that they have no idea who is coming into their community. The residents also expressed concern about the associated costs of illegal immigration.

“We fear we’re losing Cape Cod,” one resident said, according to NBC Boston. “Cape Cod is a special and beautiful place. It’s not just a problem for our town. We need you guys to be working with the other towns to have a unified front on this.”


Meanwhile, the residents of Cape Cod voted overwhelmingly for Biden and the Democrats in the last election — essentially voting for the open-border policies that allowed the illegal aliens to come into their communities. According to the New York Times election map, some communities in Cape Cod voted up to 92% for Biden, while communities like Yarmouth voted 62% to 55% for Biden over former President Donald Trump.

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