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Florida Fraudsters Sentenced For Forging Voter Registrations

Chris Agee
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While many prominent Democrats and media personalities are quick to dismiss concerns about voter fraud, there seems to be no shortage of evidence that it poses a real threat to the integrity of U.S. election results.

One recent example involves a pair of Florida men who were found guilty of forging the names of citizens on voter registration forms.

Devin King, 32, and Jordan Daniels, 35, were arrested last year after authorities determined that they submitted a suspiciously high number of registrations to officials in Duval County. Both men were convicted earlier this year and subsequently sentenced to jail time and probation.


King received a one-year prison term and Daniels was sentenced to 10 months behind bars. Both will be placed on probation after completing their respective sentences. 

Of course, the fraud committed by King and Daniels represent just a small fraction of the election crimes uncovered in recent years. In Florida alone, the Public Interest Legal Foundation shed light on at least 156 criminal referrals related to voter fraud, many of which were left to languish after being referred to prosecutors at the state level. 

Nevertheless, the group’s president celebrated the fact that at least two men were convicted of their role in the troubling trend.

“As a result of our research, it appears that these two men were arrested for election crimes,” said J. Christian Adams. 

He went on to applaud Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for taking the issue of election security seriously. 


Although some of the resulting charges have subsequently been dismissed, the governor announced earlier this year that a new task force would be rooting out potential voter fraud across the state. 

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody touted the move at the time, explaining that the state’s electoral system cannot function as intended “without the backing and confidence of the people it serves, and thanks to Gov. DeSantis, we are reinforcing that trust, and Florida’s elections system will serve as the standard-bearer for the rest of the nation.”

In light of the recent convictions, Adams applauded DeSantis for implementing the statewide task force, concluding that he “deserves credit for the steps he has taken to fight election crimes in Florida.”

His latest remarks echoed a statement PILF released more than a month ago.

“Florida’s election criminals are on notice,” Adams said at the time. “If you commit an election crime in Florida, you will be prosecuted.”