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Greene Undeterred By Fox News ‘Idiot’ Label In Push To Oust House Speaker

James King, MPA
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is pushing forward with her efforts to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson despite being called an “idiot” by Fox News commentator Liz Peek. Greene addressed the criticism on former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast this week.

“Fox News called me an idiot. That was literally their headline. They called me an idiot” Greene said. “But what I’ve done is expose what was already happening in the dark.”

Peek’s op-ed last month urged Greene to focus her energy on Democrats instead of trying to defeat her own party. “It’s high time someone in the Republican Party told Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to turn all that bombastic self-serving showmanship and drama queen energy on Democrats and stop trying to defeat her own party” Peek wrote.

Despite criticism from within the GOP and former President Donald Trump’s support for Johnson Greene has not abandoned her desire to remove the Louisiana Republican as speaker. She recently initiated a motion to vacate the chair setting a vote for next week.

Greene believes Democrats will save Johnson an outcome she sees as a foregone conclusion. “The beautiful thing about it is Democrats have to come clean; they were controlling Mike Johnson anyway” she said on “War Room.”