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Joe Rogan: ‘Diversity’ Is Code For Stripping Away Freedom

Chris Agee
Steven Crowder, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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A broad set of ideological beliefs generally referred to by critics as “wokeness” has been blamed for a cultural shift that has made the United States — and much of the Western world — far less free than it was prior to its spread.

In a recent episode of his popular podcast, comedian Joe Rogan took stock of the current situation through a historical lens, noting that such ideals are diametrically opposed to the nation’s founding principles.


Although he acknowledged that it is “not perfect,” he added: “The way this country is run is so f—ing superior to any system that is anywhere in the world because of the checks and balances that were put in place by the Founding Fathers. They knew that tyranny is a natural course of progression for human nature.”

In contrast, Rogan said that many of the politicians, bureaucrats, and pundits currently shaping American society are eschewing those core constitutional protections in the name of “equity and inclusiveness and diversity.”

He cited evidence of government-sponsored censorship on social media to make his point.

“Look at what they try to do,” the host said. “Look at what people try to do to stop criticism on Twitter. They f—ing send the FBI to Twitter to try to remove people from Twitter because they’re saying things that interfere with the way they govern. All that s— is natural and the Founding Fathers were the only people that put together a system to mitigate that.”

Rogan concluded that it all adds up to a culture that no longer values freedom as a paramount concept.


He lashed out at the “corrupt s—heads” who have “done an amazing job of trying to chip away at that or convince people that it should be chipped away at, and convince people that freedom is not important.”

As for the claims that such methods are necessary to promote a diverse and inclusive society, Rogan determined that the defense is nothing but a smokescreen for oppression.

“That is a sheep costume the wolf wears,” he said. “And the wolf is control; the wolf is control over people and forcing people to bend to your ideological will, whether it’s the will of the people on the right or the will of people on the left. That’s the form that it comes in, it comes in the form of equity and inclusiveness.”

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