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Joe Rogan Slams Media’s Cries About ‘Misgendering’ Nashville Shooter

Anastasia Boushee
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During a recent episode of his popular podcast, comedian Joe Rogan blasted the media and the left’s outrage over “misgendering” the Nashville school shooter.

In March, a mentally ill woman masquerading as a man killed three children and three adults at The Covenant Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee.


Instead of emphasizing the victims and decrying the hate crime against Christians, many on the left and in the media focused on defending the transgender shooter’s identity and the transgender community itself.

After radical trans activists began attacking any media outlet who initially referred to the shooter as a woman, claiming they were “misgendering” or “deadnaming” the attacker, many news outlets backpedaled and tried to appease the mob.

Speaking with guest Michael Shellenberger, a journalist, Rogan expressed contempt over the “wild” decision to defend the mass shooter’s gender identity.


“There’s all these articles that came out about the misgendering of the school shooter,” he said.

“First of all, that person’s dead, okay? It doesn’t matter if you call it a boy or a girl, that’s a dead person who killed three children and three adults in a horrific way, went into a school, and shot a bunch of people,” Rogan added.

After discussing the confusion and controversy about how to refer to the murderer, Rogan declared that the “whole thing is nonsense.”

“I really do, I think it’s f—ing nonsense,” he emphasized, adding that he “doesn’t give a f— what their feeling is” about misgendering a mass shooter.

Rogan also noted that an archeologist analyzing the person’s skeleton millennia from now would easily be able to identify their actual gender.

“What mental gymnastics we have to do for this craziness,” he added, referencing transgender ideology in the news.

Shellenberger, who recently made headlines as one of the journalists reporting on the Twitter Files, cited comments from a previous episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast.

“I think you were the first one that drew attention to, like, that all this, all the confusion around sex and gender, was a symptom of civilizations in decline,” he said.

Crediting commentator Douglas Murray for his speeches on the issue, Rogan stated: “It seems like every civilization when they’re at the brink of collapse becomes obsessed with gender, and [Murray] talked about ancient Greece, in ancient Rome, and it just seems like a thing that people do when there’s no real physical conflict, so people look for conflict that doesn’t exist, and they find conflict in standard norms, they find conflict in societal norms.”

Rogan and Shellenberger went on to discuss how “wokeism” has become the left’s new religion, with Shellenberger citing a theory that gender is akin to a “soul for secular people” who are attempting to replace the purpose and meaning provided by religion.

“I think all this stuff – it’s sort of the end of civilization, but it’s also the end of belief in religion,” he said, noting that a recent survey showed a decline in values like patriotism and religion in the United States.

“First of all, it’s terrifying, you just kinda go, ‘I hope these trends are non-linear and something’s going to turn around,’ because otherwise it doesn’t look good,” Shellenberger continued, adding that the trend indicates that “elites” are “trying to gain control over the society” and pointing out that society itself no longer has “any foundational myths.”