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Left Celebrates Trump Indictment, Ignores Rule Of Law

Holland McKinnie
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Univision’s Special Editorial Advisor to the CEO, Jorge Ramos, recently penned a column lauding the indictment of former President Donald Trump as “a beautiful act.” While he highlights the history of untouchable presidents in Latin America, Ramos seems to forget the importance of American rule of law and its proper application.

As a prime-time anchor with a syndicated weekly column, Ramos’ opinions often offer insight into the on-camera biases of Univision. In previous columns, he has supported gun control, criticized the filibuster, and supported the Green New Deal.

Ramos’ disdain for Trump is well-documented. He staged a confrontation with Trump over immigration in 2016, calling it a “necessary act of journalism.” Trump told Ramos at one point during the 2016 campaign to “Sit down, go back to Univision.” 

In this latest column, Ramos compares corruption in Mexico and other Latin American countries to justify his support for Trump’s indictment in New York. He writes, “I come from a country – Mexico – where presidents and former presidents have been untouchable.”

The irony is that while Ramos decries the injustice of former dictators and corrupt leaders escaping punishment in Latin America, he seems to have no qualms about applying selective legal action against political enemies in the United States. For example, he criticizes Daniel Ortega, the Nicaraguan dictator who rigged his recent “re-election” by prosecuting potential opponents. In a previous column, Ramos even denounced the financial crime charges against one of Ortega’s primary opponents as flimsy.

However, Ramos seems to find no issue with the equally questionable charges against Trump in New York, showing a level of inconsistency that reveals a deeper problem in his viewpoint. Regarding leaders like Trump, who he disapproves of, Ramos appears to find the prospect of politically motivated legal action appealing, calling it “beautiful.”

The celebration of this indictment by leftists highlights a troubling trend: the disregard for the impartial application of the American rule of law, instead using it as a political tool to target perceived enemies. The foundation of the United States rests on the principle of a just and unbiased legal system. Unfortunately, the willingness of commentators like Ramos to cheer on selective legal actions erodes this foundation and sets a dangerous precedent for the future.


Ramos’ position as Special Editorial Advisor to the CEO of Univision raises questions about the editorial stance of the network as well. With such an influential figure openly advocating for legal action against political opponents, it becomes difficult to see the separation between personal opinion and network editorial policy.

Ramos’ celebration of Trump’s indictment as “a beautiful act” demonstrates a concerning trend on the left. The American rule of law should not be wielded as a political weapon, nor should it be celebrated when used against political enemies. Upholding the integrity of the legal system is crucial for preserving democracy and ensuring justice for all, regardless of political affiliations.