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Leftist Magazine Admits Mass Migration Driving Up Housing Prices

Graham Perdue
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Things are definitely trending in the wrong direction when a notably leftist publication is forced to admit that Biden administration policy is bad for the country. That’s the case when New York Magazine put the current U.S. housing crisis under the microscope.

It is no secret that housing is soaring out of reach for low- and even middle-class Americans. Now the left must confess to the obvious.

Years of sustained legal migration of a million immigrants annually along with many more millions of illegal migrants per year put a massive strain on the housing market.


Writer Eric Levitz observed that “one key sector in which immigrants drive higher demand is housing. People need homes.”

Levitz conceded that in a nation of “restrictive zoning and housing scarcity,” the nationalist right’s anti-immigrant narrative attains a modicum of plausibility.”

That’s what a leftist sounds like when they are forced to concede that a conservative made a valid point. 

After stating the obvious, Levitz retreated to leftist principles to solve the issue. Instead of clamping down on runaway illegal immigration, he suggested that zoning laws be changed to make the current mass migration “work.”


How? By allowing real estate developers to engage in large scale construction of multi-family apartment projects within single-family neighborhoods.

This, of course, is a far cry from what a majority of Americans want, but the same can be said for nearly every Biden policy concerning illegal migration. 

A recent analysis showed that an increase in immigrants in a metro area equal to 1% of its population resulted in a 0.8% increase in rents and home prices. But an examination of the larger picture leads to a far more interesting result. 

When urban areas become even more congested and immigrant-filled, there is a mass exodus from cities to the surrounding suburbs. How much so?

There is an accompanying 1.6% increase in rents and a whopping 9.6% spike in home prices as people flee the packed cities for the refuge of suburban areas. 

Among the many misguided policies of this Democratic president that contribute to soaring inflation, mass immigration is often overlooked. But the housing crisis that is squeezing more and more people out of the market is largely the result of the massive influx of illegal migrants.