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Leftist Pundits Say To ‘Harass’ Republicans While Joking About Attack On Rand Paul

Anastasia Boushee
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In yet another instance of the left openly supporting violence and harassment, two leftist media personalities joked about the incident where Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) neighbor attacked him in his front yard — and argued that harassing Republicans anywhere they “walk in public life” is a good idea.

During an interview for The Daily Show, Washington Post writer Perry Bacon Jr. argued that Republicans should be harassed in public wherever they go, including in church and at the grocery store.

The comments came as they were discussing the supposedly “extreme legislators” that are passing laws in the U.S. — likely referring to legislation protecting unborn children from being murdered in the womb and protecting minors from irreversible transgender mutilation surgeries.


“My view is that we’re seeing an extreme Republican agenda because our legislators are governing like Republicans, not like Kentuckians. You look at the laws being passed in Kentucky; they’re the exact same ones being passed in Florida … The Republicans in every state are just passing a list of things Donald Trump and other right-wing Republicans like,” Bacon claimed.

“Where do we go from here, is there any solution?” guest host Desi Lydic asked.

“I think ultimately we have to, in the short term, shame them out of passing the most aggressive versions of these bills, criticize them enough to make sure that they are told when they go to church or when they go to the grocery store that ‘you passed a terrible bill and acted like a bigot,’” Bacon responded.

Lydic then joked about the attack on Paul, equating it to Bacon’s comments about shaming Republicans as if violence and shame are the same thing.

“Are you sure that shame would work with Kentucky Republicans? I mean, look at Rand Paul, if I got my ass kicked in my front yard by my neighbor, I would never leave my house again,” she said.


Bacon essentially acted as if there was nothing disturbing about her comment.

“I’m not saying it’s a foolproof plan, I’m just saying that if these legislators have to walk in public and live their life, and I do think you want to make clear that you have done something terrible,” he said.

As The Right Scoop noted in their reporting on the issue, “‘I’m not saying it’s foolproof’ is him saying ‘yes I understood you really meant that and I agree.’ They’re vile.”

This is far from the first time that prominent leftists joked about the brutal attack on Paul, which left him with six broken ribs. When reporting on the incident, one MSNBC reporter stated that it was one of her “favorite stories.”

“New details today on the incident that left Senator Rand Paul with six broken ribs – this might be one of my favorite stories,” MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt said live on air.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) daughter even celebrated the incident in a post on Twitter.